patent [pat′'nt; ] for adj. 2-4 & 8 [ pāt′'nt, pat′'nt; ] Brit usually [ pāt′'nt]
[ME < MFr & L: MFr patent < L patens, prp. of patere, to be open: see PATELLA]
a) open to examination by the public: said of a document granting some right or rights, as to land, a franchise, an office, or, now esp., an invention [letters patent]
b) granted or appointed by letters patent
2. open to all; generally accessible or available
3. obvious; plain; evident [a patent lie]
4. open or unobstructed
a) protected by a patent; patented
b) of or having to do with patents or the granting of patents [patent law]
6. produced or sold as a proprietary product: cf. PATENT MEDICINE
7. new, unusual, individual, etc.: also patented
8. Bot. Zool. spreading out or open; patulous
1. an official document open to public examination and granting a certain right or privilege; letters patent; esp., a document granting the exclusive right to produce, sell, or get profit from an invention, process, etc. for a specific number of years
a) the right so granted
b) the thing protected by such a right; patented article or process
3. public land, or title to such land, granted to a person by letters patent
4. any exclusive right, title, or license
1. to grant a patent to or for
2. to secure exclusive right to produce, use, and sell (an invention or process) by a patent; get a patent for
patentable [pat′'nt ə bəl]

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